Tuesday, January 12, 2010

From the Armchair: an anarchist review of books

Why am I publishing an anarchist review of books? This is certainly a reasonable question. After all, there are a few out there, and several major anarchist publications have extensive review sections. But they generally limit themselves to reviewing specifically political (mostly anarchist) books, as if anarchists had only a single interest.

But anarchists are not mere political animals. I was attracted to anarchist perspectives due to my hatred of politics and my desire to grasp the fullness of my life as my own. Thus, I don’t just read political texts, but rather a wide variety of books on every topic: history, philosophy, art, science, travel and so on. In addition, I read poetry and fiction. As a critical reader, I can find ways to use the contents of these books to expand my understanding of the reality I am facing and to sharpen my critique both theoretically and practically.

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