Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Cynical Utopian

The Cynical Utopian is an occasional broadsheet put together by an individual who has no faith in any authority and who despises the economic system in which crisis is the norm and those at the bottom continually end up paying for the mistakes of those at the top (as well as their own mistakes when they simply accept this situation), that is to say by an anarchist. I, author of these broadsheets, am cynical in my disdain and distrust of every authority as well as in my lack of faith in anything including the mass of people who simply resign themselves to accepting the current situation. I am utopian in continuing to dare to spew out my words of doubt and rebellion, in acting against a situation I cannot tolerate and in dreaming that something different is possible, immediately, for those who dare to think, act and dream their greatest desires and aspirations.

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