Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Moving Everything

I am moving all the material on these blogs to two web sites:
for the translations from Italian, and:
for the rest of it.

Monday, February 8, 2010


I am slowly moving my own material to a non-blog website which seems to have some advantages for what i am trying to do with these--for instance, I can post pdf files on that site. I will leave these blogs up, and will continue to post to the ones that have translations from Italian, though I will eventually probably also start a page for those, so that I can post pdf files for anyone to use.
Here is the link to the new website:


Since February 1 new posts have appeared on:

The Devil Within

Vagabond Theory

Black Dog

Translations at the anarchist library

The following translations are now available in pdf format at the anarchist library:

Stirner's Savage Thought: The theory of the individual by Alfredo Bonanno--essays examining Stirner's ideas

Millenarian Rebels, Prophets and Outlaws--some interesting Brazilian rebel history with two essays examining millenarian revolts all written by individuals involved with the French revolutionaries who called themselves Os Cangaceiros, after the Brazilian outlaws.

More, Much More by Massimo Passamani--his brief essays from Canenero, an Italian weekly paper that appeared from the end of 1914 to the beginning of 1997 and one other essay.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Bruno Filippi

The writings of Bruno Filippi offer something rare in anarchist writing—truly beautiful literature. I hope this comes across in my translations—where it does not, the fault is all mine... His essays, stories and prose poems show no mercy for either domination or subservience in any form, and he was as harsh in his assessment of the slaves who resigned themselves to their slavery as to the masters who exploited and oppressed them... Though his writing is dark and often cynical, in the midst of his cynicism and contempt there is also humor, joy and love of life. His hatred for the world as it is clearly sprang from the love of life and the dream of a world free of all domination.

FROM POLITICS TO LIFE: Ridding Anarchy of the Leftist Millstone

Anarchist critiques of leftist ideology that intrudes into and recuperates anarchist theory and practice.
"At its best, the anarchist endeavor has always been the total transformation of existence based on the reappropriation of life by each and every individual, acting in free association with others of their choosing. This vision can be found in the most poetic writings of nearly every well-known anarchist, and it is what made anarchism “the conscience of the left”. But of what use is it to be the conscience of a movement that does not and cannot share the breadth and depth of one’s dreams, if one desires to realize those dreams?"

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Resolute Playfulness

Manifestoes, poetry, perhaps a few stories reflecting the rebellion of one individual against the logic of a society of work and leisure, of unwitting slavery and entertainment at a price. Reckless, ridiculous, unreasonable, mad. Anarchic, surreal, dada… None of the words on this site are themselves subversive, but all point to an endeavor to subvert reality…


English translations of articles from the anarchist aperiodical from Italy, Machete.

The Machete is a long knife with a single edge, particularly intended for opening a way when you find yourself surrounded by a hostile environment that prevents you from going down your path, paralyzing all movement. The Machete isn't elegant; it doesn't have the discretion of the dagger or the precision of the scalpel. When it strikes, it doesn't distinguish between the innocent flower and the noxious weed, and it destroys both without distinctions.

Vagabond Theory

By its nature, anarchist theory is a vagabond theory, light of step, always on the move. The reason is simple. Reality is not a static thing, but a play of phenomena in which every individual is actively immersed. Entrenchment of positions makes no real sense, but traps the anarchist in the bogs of ideology and militancy. For this reason, anarchist theoretical endeavors go their farthest when they are taken lightly and playfully, as explorations, experiments and adventures, not tasks or duties. What appears here is done in that spirit. Some of it I wrote years ago, and no longer necessarily agree with, but I think it has a certain challenge, a certain bite to it.

Toward the Creative Nothing: writings of Renzo Novatore

English translations of writings by Renzo Novatore, early 20th century Italian anarchist

The Devil Within

To have the devil within. This is an expression that has fortunately survived from its medieval origins. Since the last witch burned on the pyre of the inquisition, the devil has continued to creep into human beings to shake them from the torpor of their existence. English ranslations from Diavolo in Corpo, a magazine of anarchist social critique from Italy

The Cynical Utopian

The Cynical Utopian is an occasional broadsheet put together by an individual who has no faith in any authority and who despises the economic system in which crisis is the norm and those at the bottom continually end up paying for the mistakes of those at the top (as well as their own mistakes when they simply accept this situation), that is to say by an anarchist. I, author of these broadsheets, am cynical in my disdain and distrust of every authority as well as in my lack of faith in anything including the mass of people who simply resign themselves to accepting the current situation. I am utopian in continuing to dare to spew out my words of doubt and rebellion, in acting against a situation I cannot tolerate and in dreaming that something different is possible, immediately, for those who dare to think, act and dream their greatest desires and aspirations.

Black Dog

This site contains English translations of articles from the Italian anarchist weekly Canenero, which was publisned from late 1994 until 1997.



One word alongside another. A sound that is lost in the continuous deafening noise that they still call language. A word different from others. A hiss in the midst of shouts. A sigh from which to move in search of new meanings in world where everything has been said.

A word against others, an against that is other with respect to words, that doesn’t inhabit the space of the opposition between concepts, but that of the silence that precedes and accompanies it.

A word, finally, that doesn’t refer to itself, but that causes us to sense that region in which, in the silence where thought can move freely, the meaning of our singularity and the desire for revolt against all that suffocates it grow.

A paper for all those who, in this civilization of collective identity and reciprocal belonging, want to affirm their nature as “strangers everywhere”, as refractories against every fatherland (the “entire world” included).

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

From the Armchair: an anarchist review of books

Why am I publishing an anarchist review of books? This is certainly a reasonable question. After all, there are a few out there, and several major anarchist publications have extensive review sections. But they generally limit themselves to reviewing specifically political (mostly anarchist) books, as if anarchists had only a single interest.

But anarchists are not mere political animals. I was attracted to anarchist perspectives due to my hatred of politics and my desire to grasp the fullness of my life as my own. Thus, I don’t just read political texts, but rather a wide variety of books on every topic: history, philosophy, art, science, travel and so on. In addition, I read poetry and fiction. As a critical reader, I can find ways to use the contents of these books to expand my understanding of the reality I am facing and to sharpen my critique both theoretically and practically.

Italian anarchist flyers

This site contains English translations of anarchist flyers from Italy. It is all anti-copyright, and I encourage those who find something they like to use it as they see fit.

Life As Totality

This site contains essays old and new relating to the question of what it means to live as an anarchist in a conditions not of one's choosing, that is to say as an individual in constant conflict with her or his surroundings. These essays are not intended to provide answers, but to raise questions. Since these writings have been written over a period of twenty years (they will be labelled by approximate date) , they are certain to contradict each other at certain points. So much the better. I certainly don't agree with everything here... I am alive, my ideas change, grow, hopefully develop...

Insurgence of Willful Self-Creation

The writings that appear on this blog are, in a sense, a developing manifesto, but not as that word is usually understood. I am not trying to start a movement or gain adherents for a cause. Rather I am here declaring my own life project. It is a project of rebellion and anarchy, not because I take these up as causes, but because I recognize that my central project, making my life my own, puts me in conflict with this world based on a piecemeal enslavement in which most are fooled into believing they own themselves even while knowing the time and activities of their lives are not their own, and because I recognize that every institution of authority requires this enslavement.